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The latest news in Senior Schooling

Like any big change, Queensland’s brand new senior schooling system – which has been rolled out with 2019’s Year 11 cohort – has sparked excitement… as well as some worries, which have been relayed in recent media reports.

As a result, you and your senior school child may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the path ahead.

Please don’t be!

The good news is individual schools are working very hard behind the scenes to prepare their staff, parents and students for the new system.

There is also an abundance of great information at your fingertips about what the new system entails and what you and your child can do to prepare for it.

There has also been some new information released in the last week that will interest anyone with a child in high school (keep reading for more information).

But first, a refresher…

In a nutshell, the key changes to senior schooling in Queensland include:

  • the introduction of common external assessment worth up to 50 percent in General subjects
  • new requirements to obtain a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and ATAR.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) – which is responsible for developing and overseeing the new QCE system – has worked with its education partners over the past four years to ensure schools were ready to implement the new QCE system from the start of 2019. They also continue to hold regular statewide forums for school leaders to discuss the roll out.

Some recent developments

Sample assessment papers released

Because external assessments in General subjects will be a key feature of the new QCE system, the QCAA has released sample papers for more than 50 senior subjects, in a bid to give students and teachers a feel for what those assessments will look like.

QCAA developed the papers in consultation with teachers and academics and interstate authorities “to help schools and students prepare for the real thing’’.

“The samples familiarise students with the type of questions that might be asked and the expected length of responses,’’ QCAA explained recently.

“Schools will use the sample papers in their teaching and learning program to help their students prepare for next year.’’

Parents and students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the papers. | READ MORE ABOUT THE PAPERS AND FIND A LINK TO THEM HERE

My Path open

My Path is a free online tool to help your Year 10 child choose their senior school subjects with their end-goal in mind (or help them explore their options if they are unsure what they want to do after school – rest assured this is a very common scenario!).

It allows students to:

  • ensure they select subjects that assist their life-after-school plan, whether It involves university, an apprenticeship, work or other training
  • check senior subjects meet prerequisites for courses they think they want to do
  • check their ATAR eligibility against their chosen subjects

My Path aims to simplify the subject selection process, so that instead of feeling overwhelmed with their choices, they can explore thousands of different options based on a series of questions about their strengths and interests.

To find out more about My Path visit their website or speak to your school.

Free apprenticeships announced

In August, the Queensland government announced they would be funding a new apprenticeship training program that would help an estimated 60,000 young people, under the age of 21, into in-demand trades.

The initiative will take away the cost of training from employers.

The training will be offered in 139 apprenticeships and traineeships in industries including electrical, plumbing, engineering, healthcare, hospitality and early childhood. |FIND OUT MORE

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Resources for Students

  • myQCE website provides Years 10 and 11 students with everything they need to know about the new QCE, planning their senior pathway, career options and choosing subjects | READ MORE
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