NAPLAN 2019: get better acquainted with the annual tests

NAPLAN is on this term. If you’re unfamiliar with the test, the best way to learn more about it and what your child will encounter is to take a practice test yourself.

If your child is in Years 3, 5, 7 or 9, you may have received information from your school about NAPLAN testing or heard your child talking about it.

Parents may not be aware, but there is a vast range of information available explaining what the tests are about and also examples of the types of questions children at all year levels will encounter in the reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy tests.

By arming yourself with more information you’ll be able to allay any concerns your child may have and encourage them to simply do their best, like they would on any other test.

Who looks after NAPLAN

In Queensland, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) is responsible for overseeing NAPLAN testing of students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

The QCAA has published test dates for 2019 and a range of other resources parents can access. This includes example questions in each of the four testing areas – reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy – that students and parents can familiarise themselves with.

Test dates

Paper-based NAPLAN tests will be conducted from 14-16 May with language conventions and writing on the first day, reading on the second and numeracy on the third | READ MORE

There is a wider test window for schools taking part in online tests to ensure schools which don’t have sufficient devices are not disadvantaged.

NAPLAN online testing will occur between 14-24 May, with writing first, followed by reading, conventions of language and numeracy | READ MORE

Example test questions

Parents can familiarise themselves with examples of the type of questions their children will be asked to answer in the paper-based tests at all year levels and across all testing areas | READ MORE

Parents whose children are sitting NAPLAN online can get a feel for the new web-based testing environment by visiting the demonstration website | READ MORE

Parent brochures on NAPLAN

A wide range of information is available on NAPLAN and NAPLAN Online.

Brochure for parents whose children are sitting the pen and paper version of NAPLAN in 2019 | READ MORE

Brochure for parents whose children are taking NAPLAN online in 2019 | READ MORE

General information for parents on NAPLAN | READ MORE

Monthly parent e-newsletter

ACARA publishes a monthly e-newsletter for parents to update them on major education news. READ the April edition, which includes information on NAPLAN | SUBSCRIBE