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Gonski report highlights role of parents in student success

Parents and carers are not fully aware of the critical role they can play in their child’s learning success and would benefit from school guidance on activities and strategies that work best.

That’s one of the key take-outs of the David Gonski-led review of Australian schooling for parents.

The Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network (QIS Parents Network) has welcomed the review panel’s Through Growth to Achievement report and its acknowledgement of the significant influence parents have on student learning at every stage of schooling.

QIS Parents Network Executive Officer Sue Kloeden welcomed the report’s recommendation to develop and share best practice tools and resources to guide and enhance parent engagement in Australian schools.

“International and national research over the past 40 years has consistently confirmed that children do better in school when their parents are supportively engaged in their education,” Ms Kloeden said.

“Queensland independent schools value their partnership with parents and the positive difference taking a shared approach to a child’s education can have.”

The report found mixed views on what constitutes “effective engagement” because of the diverse contexts in which Australian schools operate and the parent communities they serve.

However, it acknowledged “many schools are already effectively engaging with parents and carers”, but that schools would benefit from more practical tools and resources based on the latest research about what works best.

“Parent engagement needs to be a shared and lived commitment by schools that’s embedded in school culture, processes and practices,” Ms Kloeden said.

“Respectful and collaborative partnerships between schools and parents are in the best interests of students.”

Ms Kloeden said parents can contribute to their child’s learning success by:

  • valuing education and respecting the role of the teacher
  • setting high, but realistic learning expectations and goals with your child
  • being interested in what your child is doing in class
  • reinforcing and connecting what your child is learning inside the school gate to their home life, and
  • reading to them and with them as much as possible during their time at school.

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