Who We Are

Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network

The Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network (QIS Parents Network) is the recognised representative body for the parents and carers of children attending independent schools in Queensland.

Our network respects and reflects the diversity of the independent school sector. We support the right of all parents and carers to choose the best education for their children. The QIS Parents Network is also a strong supporter of positive learning partnerships between parents and their children and their children’s schools.


Strong voice

We are a strong voice for the needs and interests of parents who choose an independent education for their children and are recognised and consulted by governments and other peak education groups on policy matters that affect the families of independent school children.

Sue Kloeden is the Executive Officer of the QIS Parents Network. Sue is supported by a Consultative Committee comprised of parents from small and large independent schools across Queensland.

The QIS Parents Network works closely with other representative parent groups to boost school funding and improve outcomes for all students and schools in Queensland.

Valuable source of information

The QIS Parents Network website and Facebook page are valuable sources of information on current schooling issues, hot parenting topics and education changes at the state and national levels.

Supporting partners

The QIS Parents Network works with a number of not-for-profit and government bodies as part of its work to support parents to engage more deeply in their child’s learning and life.

Nature Play Qld

The QIS Parents Network is pleased to support the work of Nature Play Qld – a collaborative organisation that works with partner groups to encourage the Queensland community to value nature play, and support families to prioritise it in their children’s lives.

Nature Play Qld brings together a wealth of resources, tips and activities to support parents in getting their children outdoors and in touch with nature | LEARN MORE

Schools Plus

Schools Plus brings together donors and schools where the student need is greatest. Their objective is to provide vital resources that ensure students are engaged learners, teachers are highly-skilled and communities, especially parents, are involved in school activities | LEARN MORE

Independent Schools Queensland

The QIS Parents Network is supported by Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ), a not-for-profit membership body that supports and promotes independent schooling in Queensland.