Must-watch for all Parents | Safeguarding Children Online

The sharing of intimate photos via mobile phones and other smart devices by young people – sexting – is now the subject of a parliamentary inquiry in Queensland.

But how much as a parent do you know about this teen behaviour and its social and legal implications? What do you know about the apps your child is using? Do you speak regularly with your child about acceptable online behaviour?

As a former police officer with 22 years experience, 16 as a detective in child exploitation, cyber safety expert Brett Lee is well placed to share eye-opening insights and powerful advice with parents about online safety. He now leads Internet Safe Education which specialises in training and presentations in cybersafety and bullying.

Mr Lee provided parents with important information, advice and practical tips during a recent webinar. If you missed it, you can download it here and listen when you have a moment.

“The biggest weapon that we have available to us as a parent is communication with our children.”

“The internet world will never be perfect. It will always be the case that our children are making the choices, but what we can do is educate them and we can provide a world for them whereby they have a reason to make the right choice themselves,” Mr Lee says.

He says parents have the right and responsibility to determine what apps or programs children can access in the online world, the same way they do in “the physical world”.

He shares five key principles in the webinar that he encourages parents to adopt because they play an influential role in reducing the risks of technology to “almost zero”.