Have Your Say on Teaching Sport to Children

About 1 in 2 Australian children play sport or take part in some form of physical activity outside school at least once a week.

But according to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) the participation of children in organised sport or physical activity is in decline.

That’s why the ASC is looking to refresh and refocus the teaching of sport to children in a way that contributes to their development and “aligns with the needs of children, families and schools”.

The ASC has prepared a discussion paper and survey they want parents, educators, coaches and sporting organisations to contribute to.

The paper proposes that “to increase sport’s relevance in schools and the community, sport and physical activity must be delivered in a way that enhances children’s development and physical literacy needs, complements the needs of schools and families, and contributes to education objectives.”

The discussion paper identifies four key areas for future development:

  • establish principles for teaching sport and physical activity to children through broad national consultation.
  • define competencies of those people teaching sport and physical activity to children.
  • support the sports sector in the recruitment, training and development of a newly defined delivery network.
  • co-develop a quality insights framework to monitor performance and support ongoing improvement.

According to the discussion paper, community feedback “will inform a draft plan that aims to assist sport to define, recruit, train and support a delivery network, which effectively teaches sport to children at home and within school and community environments”.

Feedback can be provided by completing the ASC’s online survey or by emailing responses to questions in the discussion paper to Yoursay@ausport.gov.au.

Feedback is due by 22 September 2017.

Discussion paper | Link

Survey | Link