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Parents face a myriad of challenges today.

Many of these issues have not changed over time, such as dealing with moody adolescents during puberty or helping kids be the best they can be. While others, like keeping children safe online, are new.

Parents now have access to a wealth of information to help them understand and respond to the complex range of issues associated with raising children, as well as experts ready to help arm them with well-researched strategies and considered advice.

The Independent Schools Digital Collaboration Network has hosted a number of parent webinars with leading experts on key areas of concern for parents.

2018 Upcoming Webinars

1 March|  It’s Time We Talked AGAIN: Pornography, Young People and Sexuality Today

Expert on young people and sexuality Maree Crabbe will explain: what parents need to understand about porn and its influence on young people’s sexual understandings and expectations; and how parents can support their children’s healthy social and sexual development in an age of pornography.

17 May | Adolescent Sleep and Wellbeing

Clinical psychologist Dr Hayley Dohnt will explain how adolescent sleep problems can be problematic for learning and wellbeing and discuss how parents can help their children improve their sleep which will lift their performance, wellbeing and academic outcomes.

6 June | Mental Fitness for Families

Consulting psychologist and author Dr Paula Robinson will teach parents evidence-based practical activities that can help them and their families improve wellbeing and support them to thrive at home, school and work.

Past Webinars to Watch

Click on the images to watch the online presentations and hear what the experts have to say.

NEW | Childhood Anxiety

Solution Focused Approaches to Anxiety – a Toolkit for Parents with Lyn Worsley from the Resilience Centre

Teen Mental Health & Wellbeing

Using Technology to Improve Student Wellbeing with Dr Michael-Carr-Gregg


Social and Legal Responsibilities Online – Not so Virtual


The Importance of Play


Developing resilience in your child: Helping your child to bounce back!

Parent Webinar -Toni Noble

Body Image

Building body confident kids


Alcohol and Drugs

Teenagers, alcohol and other drugs 2016: How much influence do parents really have?

Webinar 5 - Drugs and Alcohol

Child Well-being

Helping Your Child Thrive at School and in Life

Webinar 4 - Justin Coulsin

 Online Safety

Embracing an online world – understanding and managing the risk

Webinar 1 - picture


Parents Information Session

Webinar 2 - Schoolies


Preventing Bullying to Enhance Children’s and Adolescents’ Brain Development

Webinar 3 - Bullying