Resources for Schools

For Principals

Australian Professional Standard for Principals | Standard 5, engaging and working with the community

The Australian Professional Standard for Principals is a public statement which sets out what principals are expected to know, understand and do, to achieve in their work. It is represented as an integrated model that recognises three leadership requirements that a principal draws upon within five areas of professional practice. Standard 5 outlines the expectations of engaging with families and carers, and partnering, where appropriate, with community groups, agencies and individuals, businesses or other organisations to enhance and enrich the school and its value to the wider community | LEARN MORE

Leadership profiles | Strand 5

A summary of the five core leadership areas a principal must undertake outlining how to engage and work with the community | LEARN MORE

For Teachers

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers | Standards 3.7 and 7.3

Teacher standards inform the development of professional learning goals, provide a framework by which teachers can judge the success of their learning and assist self-reflection and self- assessment. In these standards are KPIs for teachers to engage parents/carers in the educative process | LEARN MORE

Webinars, Courses & Conference Resources


The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) hosted a national parent engagement conference in June 2017 for over 600 delegates, bringing together educators, policymakers, parents, researchers and internationally-renowned experts to advance learning outcomes for young people | ACCESS CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS


Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network Executive Officer Sue Kloeden shares key research and insights into how Queensland schools can make parental engagement a priority in their school strategies and education programs | VIEW



The Australian Parents Council commissioned the development of the first nationally recognised Certificate IV in Parent, Family and Community Engagement. The course develops theoretical and practical expertise in parent engagement in schooling and learning, and enhanced skills in building positive relationships that encourage the best educational experience for children | LEARN MORE


Harvard University Senior Lecturer on Education and parent engagement expert Dr Karen Mapp runs a six-week parent engagement course through edX | LEARN MORE

Tool Kits & Resources

NEW: Ways for schools and teachers to support parents to engage in their child’s learning

This resource by the Queensland Department of Education provides schools and teachers with a range of practical ideas to engage parents in their child’s learning | LEARN MORE

Parents and teachers: working together to foster children’s learning

This edition of the Queensland College of Teachers Research Digest examines why parental engagement is important, key features of effective collaborations, critical challenges and issues that teachers and parents may face and strategies that have helped teachers and parents build effective relationships | LEARN MORE

Planning parent engagement, a guidebook for parents and schools

A Canadian resource guidebook for parents and schools with examples of useful parental engagement exercises and proven techniques for involvement and support | LEARN MORE

Family and community engagement: professional development program for school board trustees

This module by the Ontario Education Services Organisation identifies a school board’s role in articulating policy on parent and community relations | LEARN MORE

How to involve hard-to-reach parents: encouraging meaningful parental involvement in schools

This toolkit by the UK National College for School Leadership outlines practical strategies and creative ideas to engage hard-to-reach parents | LEARN MORE

Family engagement toolkit: continuous improvement through an equity lens

This toolkit by the California Department of Education shows how family engagement can be tied to specific student learning goals | LEARN MORE

Growing and sustaining parent engagement: a toolkit for parents and community partners

This toolkit features parent engagement approaches and strategies used by parents and partners involved with First 5 LA’s Partnerships For Families initiative | LEARN MORE

Parent engagement in action: a practical guide and toolkit for schools

This Melbourne Catholic Education practical parent engagement guide and toolkit for schools outlines the learnings, key areas and steps for schools to follow | LEARN MORE

Learning together, engaging parents and families in school learning: support material for schools

This Melbourne Catholic Education resource for educators supports the DVD of the same name to aid in building capacity for parents and staff to build school learning | LEARN MORE

Community conversations

This Melbourne Catholic Education web page provides schools and school leaders with an overview of the approach to community conversations, and sets out how the practice of Community Conversations can lead to improved understanding for whole school communities and improved learning outcomes for students | LEARN MORE

Leading family school partnerships

This resource developed by the Melbourne Catholic Education Wellbeing & Community Partnerships Unit aims to assist school leaders to understand and strengthen the role of school leadership in facilitating effective family, school and community partnerships | LEARN MORE

Schools as community hubs

“Schools as community hubs” is the South Australian Government’s vision for public schools, preschools and facilities to be more accessible and shared across communities. This approach is expected to enhance education and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people and build connections and opportunities for lifelong learning in communities | LEARN MORE

Working Together: school, family and community partnerships

These resources and assessment tools from New Mexico emphasise the value of communication between home and school must be ongoing, two-way and meaningful. It also points to communication as the foundation of solid partnerships. When parents and educators communicate effectively, positive relationships develop, problems are more easily solved, and students make greater progress | LEARN MORE

Fact Sheets

Parental engagement: supporting parents to get engaged with the school community

This ACT Government fact sheet aims to assist schools to support parents to get engaged with the school community by providing examples of ways to enhance parent-school communication and school community participation | LEARN MORE

Parental engagement: building a strong culture of parent school engagement

This ACT Government fact sheet outlines how parental engagement recognises the important role that both parents and teachers play in developing positive attitudes towards learning and education for children, building their motivation and confidence as learners, and fostering their enjoyment of learning | LEARN MORE

Parental engagement: supporting children’s learning at home

This ACT Government fact sheet aims to assist schools in supporting parents in their child’s learning at home | LEARN MORE

Education capital: teacher fact sheet

This ACT Government fact sheet for teachers outlines strategies to help them create better parental engagement through partnerships between families and schools to promote children’s learning and wellbeing | LEARN MORE

Parental engagement in high schools

Studies show that parent engagement often declines as young people move into high school. According to this ACT Government fact sheet, schools can play a significant role in promoting and facilitating parental engagement, and supporting parent behaviours that benefit student outcomes in the high school years | LEARN MORE

Parental engagement: engaging with families of children with a disability

This ACT Government fact sheet helps educators engage with families of children with disability. It will help them understand the Disability Standards for Education, how to strengthen relationships with families and key stakeholders and how to develop an individual learning plan | LEARN MORE

Parental engagement: engaging with ATSI Australian families

This ACT Government fact sheet helps educators engage with families of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin. It will help them review parental engagement strategies, show respect for experience and culture of ATSI families, and assist indigenous families in engagement | LEARN MORE

Parental engagement: engaging with families for whom English is an additional language or dialect

This ACT Government fact sheet helps educators engage with families for whom English is an additional language or dialect. It will help them review parental engagement strategies, show respect for the experiences, culture and language of families for whom English is an additional language/dialect and how to connect to support parental engagement by EAL/D families | LEARN MORE

Parental engagement in boarding schools: frequently asked questions

This Boarding Australia Q&A sheet provides tips for parents and schools on how boarding and school staff can support parents and families to engage and partner in their children’s learning and schooling | LEARN MORE

Transitions: how Queensland schools can encourage parent engagement from the start

According to this QIS Parents Network fact sheet, a positive start to school has been shown to have lifelong impacts. Children who start well are more likely to feel relaxed, be motivated to learn and achieve more | LEARN MORE


To guide school strategies

Melbourne Catholic Education has produced a suite of posters that can be printed and used to guide school planning, strategies and professional development on parent engagement. Some posters are in multiple languages | LEARN MORE

To promote what parents can do at home

The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) created six posters for ACT schools that highlight key activities parents can do to support their child’s learning  | LEARN MORE

Audit Tools

Australian school assessment tool

Australian schools can assess their current parent engagement practices and measure their progress with this tool. This tool has been developed to align with the seven key dimensions of effective practice identified by the Australian Family-School Partnerships Framework | LEARN MORE

School assessment tool: reflection matrix

This Australian School Assessment Tool has been developed to assist members of the school community (students, parents, staff and community members) assess current family and community engagement practices and to evaluate their progress when implementing strategies to strengthen engagement. It aligns with the Australian Government’s framework for parent engagement | LEARN MORE

Leading and developing parental engagement: a tool to help you audit and improve your practice

The UK National College for School Leadership developed this practical audit/reflective tool to help school leaders assess their practices and success in leading and developing parent engagement | LEARN MORE

Further Reading

Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network

This website contains a wealth of resources, strategies, tips and practical activities parents can undertake with their children at home to promote and enhance their learning | LEARN MORE

Australian Parents Council

This web page contains a range of articles on a wide range of topics that schools can share with their parents | LEARN MORE

Living as mapmakers | Debbie Pushor and the Parent Engagement Collaborative II

This book by leading Canadian proponent of parent engagement Debbie Pushor examines the impact parent engagement has on learning | LEARN MORE

A cord of three strands: A new approach to parent engagement in schools | Soo Hong

This book looks at a low socio-economic area in Chicago and how schools build trust and engagement | LEARN MORE

Meeting parents’ information needs

This module for schools was developed by Beyond Blue, as part of the national MindMatters mental health initiative for secondary schools, to help teachers provide provide parents with information about youth development, emerging youth mental health issues and effective parenting strategies  | LEARN MORE

Advancing partnerships: parent and community engagement actionable playbook

Key guiding questions prepared by the Queensland Department of Education to guide schools to enhance parent engagement |LEARN MORE

Progressing parental engagement

A range of resources developed by the ACT Education Directorate in partnership with the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth, the Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent Schools | LEARN MORE