Learning Ideas & Activities to do at Home

There’s a mountain of research confirming that children do better at school when their parents are engaged and supportive of their learning.

But most parents aren’t teachers. So, sometimes it’s difficult to work out what to do to support your child’s learning at home, or if you have started, how to maintain the momentum with new ideas and fun activities that don’t come across as “more work” for your child.

The Australian Government has stepped in to fill the void by bringing together a wealth of practical and simple ideas for parents to try at home.

According to Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham the website,  Learning Potential Resources, “gives parents access to resources that teachers are using in the classroom, adapted for the home environment”.

“Learning Potential Resources shows how to turn everyday activities like cooking, watering the garden or walking the dog into a fun and interactive learning opportunity,” Minister Birmingham said.

The website supports the Australian Curriculum for primary school and contains three main sections, which include:

  • 41 ‘every day ideas’ to show parents how to practice literacy and numeracy skills with their child during everyday life.
  • 80 ‘practice together’ articles to guide parents on how they can reinforce literacy and numeracy skills their child is learning at school.
  • 80 ‘practice online’ activities, including internet games and videos that parents and children can do together to practice these same skills.

The new website complements the government’s popular Learning Potential app which has been downloaded more than 119,000 times since it was launched in August 2015.