Learn how to help your teen exert self-control

We were all teenagers. But parenting one is much harder than being one.

Parentshop founder and psychologist Michael Hawton, a leading Australian behavioural expert, coach and educator, can help parents navigate this challenging period of adolescent development.

Mr Hawton says it’s a misconception that “teenager’s minds somehow go ‘off-line’ for a period of time – and that somehow they are unable to exert some self-control”.

“The way I see it, if they are growing in maturity and if their brains are developing as they should, their ability to contain their behaviour should be improving. That is, they can think better before they ‘lose it’, compared to in their childhood,” he wrote on his blog site.

Mr Hawton, a former primary school teacher, says parents have a role to play in helping their teenage sons and daughters assume and exert greater self-control.

“Most of what we see in teenagers who behave badly is because it’s become a habit and not because they are not capable of containing their frustration. Sometimes we need the people who love us, to help us to do our best and this is not the least at times when we look ugly.”

Mr Hawton will share his extended experience, insights and practical advice into adolescent behaviour with parents in a free parent webinar on 8 August.

In the webinar he will take parents through practical strategies to help them harness and maximise their teenager’s ability to exert self-control.

WHEN: Wednesday, 8 August 2018

TIME: 7.45pm – 8.45pm

WHERE:  Online. On the night go to

NOTE: Parents do NOT need to register – just click on the  zoom web link above at the advertised time. Parents will NOT be required to speak or be seen on video. You will however be encouraged to interact and ask questions through a text chat tool.


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