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The Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network is the recognised peak body for Queensland parents who choose an independent education for their children.
Parents central to community-wide response to combat cyberbullying

The Queensland Government will act on all 29 recommendations of an anti-cyberbullying taskforce and invest $3.5 million in new education programs and initiatives. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk launched the taskforce [ … ]

Schoolies webinar: Everything parents need to know

The end of Year 12 is a euphoric time for students. Learn how to support your child to celebrate the end of school safely in this free parent webinar. If [ … ]

Image-based abuse: new service shows how to report it & get support

The number of young Australians who have had intimate photos of themselves shared or broadcast on social media without their consent should ring alarm bells for all parents. According to [ … ]

Parenting powered by brain research

Parents of every generation have routinely scratched their heads asking, “what was going inside that brain of yours” when their child said or did something that defied commonsense or logic. [ … ]